1Pc Nail Glitter Mirror Powder Chrome Dust Nail Art

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Style: FT180
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Number of Pieces: One Unit

NET WT: 0.5grams

Material: Mirror Powder

Quantity: 1 jar

Item Type: Nail Glitter

type: Mirror Powder

color: 19 colors powder

pack: 0.5gram/jar

effect: Mirror Nail Art Powder Chrome

application: Pigment Nail Art Powder 7 colors

packaging: 1 jar and 1 pc Sponge Stick.

Quantity:: 1 Box

Capacity:: Approx. 2g

Material:: Powder

Whoesale 05: nail art designs with glitter

Whosale glitter 04: glitter acrylic powder for nails

Whosale glitter03: fine holographic glitter

Whosale 02: holographic nails glitter

whosale glitter 01: sparkly nail Glitter

wholesale glitter: Bulk Wholesale Glitter

Nail Salon Supplies6: Easy Cleaning, Waterproof GLITTER

Nail Salon Supplies5: Nail powder

Nail Salon Supplies4: Glitter Powder

Nail Salon Supplies2: ,Glitter, Holographic, Metallic ,Shimmer, Shiny

Nail Salon Supplies01: Iridescent, Glitter, Shiny, French

Nail Salon Supplies:: Nail Glitter

glitter styles07: nail glitter sequins

glitter styles06: holographic nail glitter flakes

glitter05: mermaid holographic glitter

glitter 04: holographic glitter bulk

glitter style03: holographic nail glitter powder

glitter styles 02: nail holographic glitter powder

glitter style01: chunky holographic glitter

glitter styles: holographic ab nail glitter flakes

theme06: nail art designs glitter

theme05: nail glitter flakes

theme04: nail art glitter powder

Theme03: holographic glitter

Theme02: holographic glitter powder

Theme01: holographic acrylic nails

glitter14: Bulk glitter

glitter13: wholesale glitter by the pound

glitter12: iridescent glitter bulk

glitter11: wholesale glitter bulk

glitter10: Nail Art Decorations

glitter9: Holographic Powder

glitter8: holo glitter

glitter7: holographic nail powder

glitter6: holographic glitter nail

glitter5: holo glitter

Glitter4: glitter nails

Glitter3: Holographic Nail Glitter

Glitter2: Powder Glitter For Nail Art

Glitter1: Rainbow Pigment Glitter

feature for 02: Glitter Nails

Suitable to: apply on UV gel nails, acrylic nails, natural nails,

feature for01: Chunky Mixed Festival Glitter

Effect08: Chunky Nail Glitter

Effect07: Holographic Nail Glitter

Effect06: Nail Glitter flake

Effect05: Nail Glitter Sequins

Effect04: Glitter for Nail art

Effect03: Nail Glitter bundle

Effect02: Nail glitter bulk

Effect01: Dipping glitter powder

glitter type05: holographic nail glitter powder

glitter type03: use nail glitter

glitter type02: nail glitter flakes

glitter type01: loose nail glitter

glittre type: nail glitter powder

item types11: nail glitter set

item types10: nail glitter flakes

item types09: nail glitter powder

item types08: glitter bulk

item types05: glitter nails short

item types06: nail glitter flakes

item types 04: glitter nail polish

item types03: chunky nail glitter

item types02: chunky nail art glitter

Item types01:: nail art glitter

MPN:: Acrylic Glitter

Suitable For 1 :: Nail Art, Nail Tips

Product Type1:: Glitter


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