Antioxidant Serum Recipe Kit

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Try this simple, affordable and effective recipe for a homemade antioxidant serum.  Our exclusive ROS BioNet is a combination of active ingredients that will fight free radicals and reverse the skin damage caused by UV rays, pollution, blue light and aging.  Combine with our hydrating Base Serum and you have 4 oz of the perfect Antioxidant Serum. For even more antioxidant power, add Ferulic Acid to the mix. Simply combine 1 tube of the Ferulic Acid and 1 tube of ROS BioNet with the 4 oz of Base Serum, mix well in a sterile mixing bowl and pour back into the glass bottle for use.  You may need to use a small hand mixer to ensure there are no lumps. Apply a small amount to your face, neck, decolletage and wherever you need to reverse the oxidative stress.  Save 15% by purchasing this bundle today.

How it works

  • Reverse skin damage caused by UV rays, pollution, blue light and aging
  • Moisturizing and hydrating

How to use it

  • Step 1: Disinfect mixing bowl, utensils and surface
  • Step 2: Pour base serum into mixing bowl
  • Step 3: Mix in 1 tube of ferulic acid into the base serum using a hand mixer
  • Step 4: Gently mix in 1 tube of ROS BioNet
  • Step 5: Make sure it's well blended and pour back into bottle for use

Quick Tips

Apply a small amount on face once or twice daily

Use a bowl with pour spout for easy pouring back into the bottle

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