Brow and Lash Serum with ROS BioNet and Apocynin

Size: 5ml
Sale price$34.99 USD


Skin Concern:Hair Thinning
Advanced Ageless Brow and Lash Serum is the same formula as our original Brow and Lash Serum but supercharged with ROS BioNet and Apocynin for an extra boost in effectiveness.  We combine nourishing actives with Keratinocyte Growth Factor (KGF) for brows and lashes that look thicker, stronger and healthier.  Our exclusive Sea Kelp Bioferment is a nutrient and mineral dense antioxidant that will contribute to overall skin and hair health.  This lash extender serum should be applied to the brow line and/or lash line once or twice daily for best results.  There are no side effects from our lash serum and it is safe to use.  Apply to clean dry skin, let dry before applying makeup or mascara.  It can also be used with lash extensions.

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