Formulation DIY Kit For Beginners

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Create a customized cream to suit the needs of your skin. Personalize your skincare routine by starting with this DIY skincare kit.  Easily mix together the ingredients and add more to make a one-of-a-kind formulation specifically suited to your needs.  This kit makes a great antioxidant moisturizer for silky smooth and healthy skin. It is nourishing and hydrating. Use this luxurious cream on your face and body for a full body experience.

How to use it

Using the empty jar, mix the desired amount of Sea Kelp Coral and Rosehip Seed Oil into the Canvas Base Cream. Add more Sea Kelp Coral for a thinner lotion consistency or more Rosehip Seed Oil to increase emolliency for dry skin. Once you are happy with the consistency of your product, add a few drops of Antioxidant Booster into your base.

Recommended Actives to add:

Anti-Aging: Niacinamide, Epidermal Growth Factor

Redness/Irritation: Alpha Bisabolol, Beta Glucan Powder from Oat

Acne: Willow Bark Extract, Zinc PCA

Ultra-Moisturizing: Sodium PCA

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