Post Radiation Skin Cream

Size: 4oz
Sale price$50.99 USD


Skin Concern:Specialty Care
Post Radiation Cream is formulated to help soothe damaged skin with a custom blend of antioxidants and nutrients. This moisturizing cream is packed full of Skin Actives' signature Sea Kelp Bioferment and a unique blend of nine oils including jojoba, avocado and sweet almond oil.  The dusty rose-colored cream is surprisingly lightweight and absorbs easily, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. Our Post Radiation Skin Cream also includes two forms of Vitamin E for their potent antioxidant properties.  Whether from health treatments such as radiation, beauty treatments or any other damage such as sunburn, this cream's moisturizing oils will provide instant relief for thin, delicate skin. For more soothing relief, add Every Lipid Serum to your routine.

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